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Invest in your wellness! Receive quality and affordable individual, family, or couples counseling from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

We live in a growing community based on relationships of faith, hope and love. Unfortunately, much gets in the way of what is meant for us and our lives together. Jealousy, contempt, violence, and abuse mix into the picture and what should be, is not. Our experience becomes one of hurt, mistrust, self contempt, broken relationships, and misunderstanding.

I offer an emotionally safe and productive place where you can feel free to express yourself. Along with being empathetic, patient, and tender, I possess the strength and willingness necessary to join you in the dark/difficult places of your life and story. Respecting and using therapeutic approaches from a variety of perspectives, I primarily work from a relational style of therapy, drawing upon psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, cognative behavioral, family systems, and existential therapies. I will help you see your current problems in a better light and then discover ways to find healing from them and their underlying causes. Finally, I will assist you in changing self-defeating styles of relating through a relationship building process of here and now work, which will result in making positive choices and changes in your life.

Through this work you will enjoy:

  • A better sense of wholeness and intimacy,
  • A deeper connection with self and those around you,
  • Increased awareness of your own style of relating and how you influence others,
  • Decreased symptoms,
  • The ability to tap into the strength and confidence that you already possess to further increase your ability to face difficult situations.
  • I hope to see you soon!


    Male client about relational and commitment issues.
    “I started seeing Erik somewhat reluctantly as I had never visited a counselor. I was concerned about the perception of others, and frankly, a little worried that I might need "counseling." Fortunately, my apprehension couldn't have been more misplaced. Erik provides an environment that fosters compassion and relationship, and as needed, disagreement and challenge. And he is very easy to talk to! Through prayerful insight, observation, wisdom, and a love for his profession and patients, Erik makes connections to events in your life that are not obvious and I am convinced can only be discovered through the process and tools that he provides. I came to look forward to our time together.

    My time with Erik has changed the way I view myself, my family, and the world. I even have a new and lovely wife for which I must give Erik much credit. I would highly recommend Erik to anyone.”

    Submitted by anonymous.

    Female client thriving after working through severe abuse.
    “From the very beginning of contacting and meeting Erik, I felt listened to and comfortable. (As comfortable as you can be dealing with Abuse issues.) I had never really received a diagnosis and Erik was very good not to label or diagnose me. He instead treated me like a person, a young woman. I was the one to first broach the topic of DID, though I put it in the first forms I filled out in a covert way. I mentioned losing time, attention span that wavered, panic attacks, and very protective of my self and my surroundings. As I got to know Erik, which really happened very rapidly because of his gentle, searching and patient demeanor, I felt free to share what my inner and outer worlds were like. I knew I had quite the inner dialogue most the time, I also knew I was experiencing lots of nightmares and sleeplessness. Most of the lack of sleep was due to not wanting to go to sleep because I would wake up in the middle of horrific memories and dreams. I had spent some time with a therapist in the past, about two years. She was wonderful at helping me to become stable and to take care of my family and kids to learn to control my anger. With Erik I was able to go into deep wounding of abuse in my child hood and early teenage years. I learned how to accept me as I was, with multiple voice inside or one voice it didn't matter it was all me and I learned to love myself and to reach out to others, not to see myself as a freak but to accept me. I also learned a lot about my faith in Jesus, who he is, was and still is. I think that was vital to healing of me from parts to a whole, healing, healthy woman. Integration of my parts was actually very different then I thought it would be. I had a huge fear of losing parts of me. Losing myself. Instead integration was more of a "becoming whole." As Erik worked with me, talking things through, talking to those parts, accepting all parts of me and even spending time with different parts of me playing cards, checkers, drawing, constructing with play dough, I became more aware of who I was. I worked and continue to work through some formative times in my life where I was deeply wounded and now accept it as having happened to ME, not to some part of me. I have stepped out of denial and survival to living and believing. I also became more caring for others. Interacting with Erik in a healthy relationship has helped me heal and reach out beyond my little inner parted world. I have hope now, in life now and in the future. I recently experienced the loss of my mom-in-law and usually a traumatic stressful time like that would have caused me to separate and hide once again to handle it. This time though with some very strong urging and nudging form Erik I didn't do so. I stayed whole and am walking through my grief and sharing it with others so they can help me carry it. Erik holds grief with me and values what I feel and sense as I walk it out as opposed to avoiding it. Finally, Erik has been a vital part of my healing and continues to be.”

    Submitted by anonymous.

    “I wanted to just take a moment to thank you for the work you've been doing with me. What a tremendous help you've been! I've learned so much about myself, my past, and my Father in heaven. Today in particular was so eye opening. The realizations I had about the outcome of this overwhelming week, my new found confidence, and the faithfulness of the Lord have given me a new perspective. What an incredible shift I've experienced! I'm still soaking it all in, but I feel such immense relief! A weight has been lifted and I finally feel able to stand in confidence knowing that Jesus is by my side.

    For the first time in a long time, I have joy. I honestly can't remember the last time I felt so filled with joy! ”

    From an anonymous female client:

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